Selling a property in Manchester

Selling a property in Manchester? Buying a property in Manchester? Letting a property in Manchester? Renting a property in Manchester?

Being an Estate Agent in Manchester is a challenging profession, but one I am passionate about. Myself and my team have to constantly balance the wants and needs of those trying to sell a property or buy a property and of those wishing to let or rent a property in and around Manchester City Centre. For this reason, I have built and grown my business on the foundations of open and honest communication.

And nowhere is communication more prolific than on the internet. The World Wide Web offers a terrific forum to share information and opinions on every topic. Yet is all we read online completely honest?

It's sad but true that increasingly in any industry, businesses look to sabotage their competitors' success by posting glowing reports about themselves, and less than flattering reviews about the competition - the controversial Trip Advisor website is just one example of a forum some use for this, at best, underhand practice.

And with the proliferation of social media sites it's now easier than ever to post a damaging 'heat of the moment' comment or complaint before giving the business affected an opportunity to handle any issues through the proper channels.

At the most serious extreme, completely false or dishonest comments can damage a business' reputation beyond repair.

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